Haim Shafir
Haim Shafir – Game Inventor and Writer
Haim Shafir started his game inventing career back in 1977. He quit his job as a mechanical engineer and together with his carpenter friend founded a wooden toys company. After a year Haim was in love with the game business, but decided to abandon the wooden toy field. "Wooden toys warmed my heart but cooled my banker's," he said and moved on.

This time, with his wife as partner, he founded Shafir Games and started to develop and manufacture board and card games. Together they managed to pull through early hardships and somehow found time to raise two little boys who grew up in a house in which "Please do not disturb Dad, he is playing now…" was not a joke.

Three decades and over 60 licensed titles later, Haim Shafir has established himself as one of the leading game inventors in the world and quite proudly cites Hasbro, Jumbo University Games, Amigo and Ravensburger, among his long list of customers. He finds great pleasure in sharing his vast experience and insights as an inventor, and leads many workshops aimed at shaking the dust off creative potential that Haim believes we all have. Creativity can be aroused through many techniques, but the one that works for Haim Shafir, and the one he so successfully "teaches," is a passion and love for his work.

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